Glad I don’t live in the northern states

When I was a child, our parents moved us from the southern states, up north, but i don’t have much memory of the southern states, even though I remember it was much better than the northern states.

I remember a lot of complaining to our parents about the cold weather, plus they told me I would get used to it.

I never did… Living in the north plus always having snow plus blizzards was horrible. I hated every second of it, plus badly wished our parents never moved, then the oil furnace method the people I was with and I had did a fantastic job of heating the home up, even though I was always jobed to go plus shovel snow, so then the people I was with and I would be stuck out in the cold again. When I was older, I moved out plus right back down south with our girlfriend. There, I was greeted with the warm plus sunny weather which I missed. I truly didn’t regret our move, plus as the years went by, I began to forget about how awful the icy cold truly was. It wasn’t until our girlfriend plus I went back up north to visit our parents, that I was given a serious reminder of the unforgiving cold. The entire time I was there, I kept asking for the heating method to be turned up, however my parents would always fumble with the heating device, however it never felt any warmer. When the people I was with and I stayed at our hotel, I had the heating system on full blast as well. I could never get warm enough, even with the Heating plus A/C machine. It was only another reminder why I was cheerful I didn’t live in the northern states anymore.


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