Glad I got the wooden fence for my dog

When I got a dog I made a decision to get a fence. My dog loves to run around and be outside. I don’t feel it is right to put a shock collar on your animal. I also don’t like leashing him all the time. Investing in a fence was a worthwhile expense just for him. I have a huge wooden fence that spans my whole backyard. I have one in and out access point with a heavy duty lock. I looked into cheaper options like a chain link fence and realized I couldn’t do that. For one, a chain link fence wasn’t tall enough. My dog could have hopped right over it no problem. He also could dig underneath the fence quite easily. I needed something more solid and able to climb. Another point is that I wanted an attractive fence. No offense to chain link fence owners, but they aren’t the prettiest style. My wooden fence is stained a deep golden color and looks beautiful. It is a showpiece and really makes my home look fancy. I know I added value onto my home once invested in a fence. Another reason I enjoy my fence is for security purposes. I never realized how much a fence can make me feel safe. Now I can tan in the backyard in my swimsuit and nobody can see me. Late at night I can sit outside with my dog and not be afraid. A robber would have to climb over a 7 foot tall fence if they wanted to get back there with me. So it was a good purchase.

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