Glad I kept the boiler

Boilers are ugly, at least that is what I thought when I first moved into our home.

My plan was to rip out the boiler system & get something charming set up in our living room.

I was planning on a gas fireplace or gas furnace system. Thankfully I had other projects to keep myself and others occupied. I had a roof that needed to be patched. I had drywall that had to come down & fresh put up. I also needed modern flooring & light fixtures throughout the house. All our various projects kept coming in & demanding attention. The boiler technically worked, there was no reason to replace it. A modern furnace is high-priced, so I was afraid to take the plunge. It took myself and others almost 2 years to where I was ready to believe about Heating, Ventilation, & A/C equipment; By the time I was ready, I realized the boiler wasn’t going somewhere. Boiler systems are so flexible. I can use the boiler to be a baseboard heater, link it to a radiator or be hydronic radiant floors. I can use a boiler to heat the family water or our swimming pool. I choose to hook piping to our boiler system, extend it outside to our blacktop & have a snowmelt system. I never need to plow our driveway or scrape ice off our automobile windshield anymore; Everything is all sizzling & snow free. The boiler may be ugly, however it is powerful, reliable & durable. I have never called for heating service on it & I won’t need to.

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