Glad I kept the boiler

Boilers are ugly, at least that is what I thought when I first moved into my home. My plan was to rip out the boiler system and get something attractive set up in my living room. I was planning on a gas fireplace or furnace system. Thankfully I had other projects to keep me occupied. I had a roof that needed to be patched. I had drywall that had to come down and fresh put up. I also needed new flooring and light fixtures throughout the house. All my various projects kept coming in and demanding attention. The boiler technically worked, there was no reason to replace it. A new heating system is expensive, so I was afraid to take the plunge. It took me almost two years to where I was ready to think about HVAC equipment. By the time I was ready, I realized the boiler wasn’t going anywhere. Boiler systems are so versatile. I can use the boiler to be a baseboard heater, attach it to a radiator or be hydronic heated floors. I can use a boiler to heat the family water or our swimming pool. I choose to hook piping to my boiler system, extend it outside to my blacktop and have a snowmelt system. I never need to plow my driveway or scrape ice off my car windshield anymore. Everything is all warm and snow free. The boiler may be ugly, but it is powerful, reliable and durable. I have never called for heating service on it and I won’t need to.

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