Going for Nutritional counselling turned out to be a bad idea

Nutritional counselling is certainly the worst.

I get it, you are easily thinking, then why did I get into nutritional counselling to begin with? Well, because I needed to lose the additional weight! That was the main point as to why I got involved with this thing! But the thing that is completely wrong with it is all the yucky plus bland food I am stuck having to eat as a main part of this nutritional counselling.

If I had known that this was going to be about eating the most disgusting food on the planet, I would have just opted for some type of gym membership, or maybe even a membership to a health plus wellness center anywhere in my town. There are plenty of health plus body wellness centers around the area. I just figured on being lazy plus trying to get a nice diet going would be the easy way out of this. Well, I was definitely wrong. I entirely believe I am going to stop with this nutritional counselling, because all it is doing is easily making me sick! I can not continue eating this horrible food any longer! I am going to cancel the whole nutritional counselling tomorrow actually, plus after that I will be going to make a nice long trip over to a single one of the local health plus body wellness centers plus just spend money for a membership. I feel that going month to month at a single one of those locales would be a lot easier on my stomach! That is for certain. I can not tell you how much I despise this nutritional counselling!


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