Going through our stuff plus hosting a garage sell

I have one of the few houses that has both an attic plus a basement, plus somehow, I have managed to fill it up almost to the ceiling with extra stuff I don’t need.

Eventually, I became exhausted of seeing all of those extra boxes, plus I got to thinking as to what I could make the basement into if I just cleared out all of those boxes.

I had multiple great ideas, plus that was enough to motivate me to start going through all of our stuff. Since I still had a lot of nice condition stuff that I just don’t have the time for, I decided I would host a garage sale. I posted on several unusual forums plus websites about the time plus date, plus got to toiling on it. I managed to clear out more than half of the basement, plus put most of our stuff on tables for people to see. I was surprised that I had quite a fantastic amount of people come plus check out what I had. While I had the last few people browsing I noticed our neighbor also started holding a garage sale, plus I went to check out what she had. Most of her items were automobile racing related, which I am not into, however she did have something that caught our eye, a moveable system. I’ve never seen a mini air conditioning component before, plus seeing how cheap it was, I decided to buy it. The HVAC component worked great, plus I was glad I had the cooling component to take with me on tepid days. The rest of our basement stuff was shoved into the attic, plus maybe eventually I’ll get around to cleaning it too.


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