Going to a museum

My daughter is a complete history fanatic, and will spend hours reading giant history textbooks.

  • Then she will come to me and spit out all of the facts she read from the books.

History is not exactly my thing, but it can be fun to listen to her ramble on for hours and hours. Apparently, she discovered that there is a history museum close to us, and she has been begging me to go. Seeing as I had close to nothing to do on Thursday, I agreed to take her then. When we did go, she oohed and awed at all of the different artifacts they had. Some of the stuff was pretty interesting, and others were kind of disturbing. While I allowed her to explore, I decided to go and see a few things myself. I went around and sat directly under a A/C vent. It was then I realized how great the building felt. Since I was just getting into the HVAC industry, I couldn’t help but to wonder what they had to make the building feel so comfortable. I knew whatever it was, was probably expensive to cool a massive building like this. Since I was interested in upgrading my current heating and cooling system, I was interested in finding out what this museum had so I could maybe get a HVAC unit close to what they had, and replicate the great feeling of this building in my home. I probably pondered on the A/C issue for a while longer, before my daughter told me she was ready to go home. I decided to call the next day and ask about their cooling unit, to see if I can get any answers.

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