Going to find some HVAC supplies

Now we love to go shopping for heating and cooling products together

I was really happy this weekend. My mom and I had planned a day trip to the HVAC corporation to option out some A/C supplies! While that may not sound super exciting to everyone, for us this was the perfect way to spend a Sunday. My mom used to work as one of the few female A/C businesses, she fought hard to get where she was at, she had to deal with some guys doubting her abilities just because she was a woman and it didn’t matter though because she managed to prove herself. Her time as a heating and cooling business taught her appreciation for the heating and air conditioning trade and he passed on this love to me. Now we love to go shopping for heating and cooling products together. I was in need of some new air filters for our home, and she was in need of window air conditioning. I was curious as to why she would need a window air conditioner when he already has such an efficient central air conditioning plan at home. She explained to me that she enjoyed having a window air conditioner in the window while in the summer months because it will let in all of the cool fresh air from outside, but when we decided to go and visited the air conditioning dealer they had so many unusual kinds of HVAC that we were not sure what to choose! But in the end we had a good time and both left with what we had come for.


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