Going with whole condo air cleaner

If you told myself and others six weeks ago that our lives would be turned upside down from a virus, that would have been strenuous to even fathom.

  • The idea that I would be sheltering in locale from within our Heating & A/C controlled condo would have been stunning.

Well, if anything, this experience has been stunning. First, I know I assumed there were government agencies who could competently address such a situation. That didn’t happen & now, we are all living the consequences. The only thing I can do is be honestly grateful that our wifey & I have been savers & hope to weather this storm. But, I am going to go a single better & get proactive with what I can control. One thing I can do is to improve our health in order to have an immune system that can fight off disease. The Heating & A/C in our condo is now a sizable section of that. I realize the sounds completely counter intuitive. The people I was with and I all know that unbelievable health & a strong immune system comes from practicing wellness. It all starts with the nutrients that we put in our bodies. And of course, there is the exercise component. However, the immune system is greatly effected by the indoor air pollen levels of our homes & workplaces. Well, since our condo is now our place of employment for the foreseeable future, I got proactive. The Heating & A/C corporation, once they are back to doing more than emergency service call, is bringing a current addition to our home. I am mitigating all those hazardous airborne contaminants by installing a whole condo air cleaner. This thing will literally destroy the airborne hazards in our condo that are immune health suppressants.


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