Good HVAC leads to good health

So I’m a bit late to the healthy lifestyle game.

But, better late than never for sure when it comes to one’s health.

I was not an athlete growing up so I never really got into working out. Sure, my mom and dad signed me up for baseball, basketball and soccer when I was a kid. But I was really just so disinterested that I rode the pine all the time in all of those sports. My folks accepted the fact that I was an air conditioning kid and gave up once I got to junior high. Coming home from school, I got right to my studies inside the quality heating and air of my parent’s house. Academic pursuits were where I thrived and it got me through graduate school on scholarships. But once I got inside the zone controlled HVAC of these offices, I got even more sedentary. I went from the zone controlled HVAC of the office to the air conditioning of our home and right into a recliner. Plus, my diet was simply awful. I just didn’t take the time to prepare and eat good food. Being single, I just ate out a whole lot. Then as I got to my mid forties, my doctor gave a real wake up call. My test had come back with a lot of very borderline and even not so good results. I had to change. So I started taking my lunch break outside with a 30 minute walk before I ate. A few months later, I joined a gym where they also helped me with nutritional guidance. Shoot, I even changed to a HEPA filter for the HVAC equipment so I’m even breathing healthy.


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