Got a cannabis grow room after I retired

Now that I am retired I am looking for a hobby.

Most men golf, play tennis, bowl or play pool.

Sometimes they watch birds, hunt or make furniture. I tried all of those. I also attempted painting, getting a part time job at the hardware store and just lazing around the home. Nothing really interested me. After watching a documentary about marijuana growing, I realized I do have some interests afterall. I liked that growing cannabis was almost a science and artform rolled into one. I liked that it took dedicated effort day in and day out to get a good crop. I also thought it would be a great challenge for me. When looking into growing equipment it was a bit daunting though. So many things are to be considered with growing cannabis. You need LED lights, a hydroponic system, nutrient system, ventilation, humidity control and also separate rooms for each of the stages of plant growth. I tried to do everything in my basement and realized I don’t know much about growing rooms. Thankfully I found online a site that makes cannabis cultivation rooms. They make it out of a shipping container and set it up like a professional growing facility. You just talk to someone who actually knows about grow rooms and they design it. It is a turnkey solution too. They are right now making my room and will deliver it to my house and I can work that day in it. I am excited to see what a shipping container grow room looks like.


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