Grand home theater in my home is perfect for movie lover

I just love watching movies.

I have an annual pass to local theaters.

I go to the movies at brand new current and older theatres whenever possible. I own a vast movie collection and watch these films all the time. Because I am such a fan of movies I added a grand home theater into the design of my new house. This is actually an accepted interior design style for a home. Apparently, there’s a lot of people who share my interest in home theater look. I asked an interior designer to help me out. I wanted the movie theater to look like it was an old-fashioned showing room. I have big maroon curtains to block out sunlight and set the mood. I purchased low to the ground chairs with plush upholstery. There are several couches, big ottomans and various cushioned furniture, all facing a big screen. I wanted custom built shelves to display my movies along the walls, around the room. I also had a stand custom built to conceal the cords and any remotes that I might need later on. The room looks awesome. The interior designer had experience with setting up a home theater. She suggested that the room colors should all be darker and blend together. The furniture was designed for the area and so everything is the right size and shape. I still go out to movies, but rarely. My home theater is way more comfortable and convenient. It is always available, at anytime. I don’t need a ticket or to wait in line. I so enjoy watching movies at home. Sometimes I invite a bunch of friends to join me. Everyone is impressed with my home theater. I think my home theater was worth every penny spent on interior design and custom built furniture.