Great fireplace in the home

A fireplace can add the ultimate level of coziness to any home! Since humans have gathered around a fire since the start of recorded history, I want our family to gather around our fireplace much like our ancestors once did. The fall weather is bringing a much-loved temperature change, so I will be sure to schedule a fireplace sweep before using it! I’ve called the chimney sweep to check our fireplace for safe use. Until then, I’ve checked the fireplace myself, and I can see where there is a need for some fireplace safety repairs that I will gladly leave to the professionals! One thing for sure that needs to be tended to on our fireplace and that is the damper. Something broke off from the innards of the fireplace last year, and I stopped using the fireplace for that reason. I wasn’t sure of the piece that I found in the fireplace hearth or where it goes, so they will check that broken part, as well as the damper on the fireplace. Keeping the damper open is like having a window open in the winter! It allows sizzling air to go up the chimney, so in order to gather around the fireplace this winter, I will need to close that damper. They will also check the deposits left behind in the chimney, and wash the fireplace from bottom to top! I spoke to our family last year, and will again this year about the dangers of burning newspaper and gift wrapping in the fireplace. That’s a big no-no, because the burning embers of those papers can land on the roof and cause serious damage in time! I want to use the fireplace, and I can’t wait for the right weather! I can wait on being safe with the fireplace though, that’s for sure.

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