Growing prices has my wallet feeling deflated

Most heating and A/C units last ten years.

  • A few will putter out before that time, and some will last 12 or 15 years.

If you perform regular maintenance on all the components, there is no reason to think your home system couldn’t reach these numbers. The last time that my hubby and I had to replace our home heating and A/C unit, we used a new company. Our old provider went out of business the year before, and we still hadn’t found someone new. We received estimates from three competitors in the area, and we decided to choose the lowest estimate. It helped that the company had excellent reviews online. We performed ample research before choosing our provider, because we didn’t want to end up with a faulty product or poor customer service after the installation. Customer services is one of the most important things to me. I’ve been working in a bank for twenty years, and customer service is our top priority. I think every business should make customer service the top priority. After all, our customers keep us in business. The online reviews for this particular heating and A/C company were great. Many people said the prices were great, but a lot of people repeated that the technicians were knowledgeable and friendly. It helped make our decision much easier. Our experience with the company was wonderful, and we have recommended this HVAC company to many of our friends and neighbors. They are a local small business too, and I think it’s important to support our community first.
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