Had a fantastic time at a baseball game

Baseball is my number one interest! I have been playing baseball since I was in 5th grade, but so when my bestie surprised me on my birthday with tickets for the two of us to go plus see my number one team I was ecstatic, i was planning what I would wear, plus what I would buy.

I wanted nothing more than for the day to be perfect, my bestie entirely is the best, plus I hope to marry her a single day. This afternoon she came over to me with a cake with a vanilla cake covered in birthday candles plus a baseball on top of the cake. She sang me ecstatic birthday, plus both of us shared the cake before hopping in the vehicle to head to the game. I could hardly contain my excitement as I saw the arena come into view, however as both of us headed to our seats, my bestie had yet another surprise for me, the tickets she showed me weren’t the actual tickets for our seats. She took out another set of two tickets for VIP seats in the front row. I was so ecstatic, plus both of us hugged before both of us sat down. The first thing I noticed was how comfy the seats were plus the cooling system was right above me, giving me cool air from the cooling system vent! Even the temperature was set perfectly plus I got fine luck at the large commercial Heating plus Air Conditioning unit. I noticed how nice it was plus leaned back in the chair plus enjoyed the feeling of the cool air. The air quality was amazing over here plus then a lady came over serving food plus drinks. We purchased my number ones snacks plus drinks while I watched my number one team play plus win. It was such a fantastic day.

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