Had a nice visit with my Dad recently

It was nice having my mother come out to visit recently.

While it was a beautiful time having her dealer, I figured she should have brought more suitable clothes for the occasion.

It was entirely the middle of the Summer season plus she wanted to wear clothes that were more for the Winter season. She said something about having an issue with her blood circulation so she was feeling chilly all the time. It was surprising because it was around 85 degrees when the people I was with and I decided to go to this pizzeria, plus she was wearing 2 sweatshirts plus sweatpants. I assume I would have been dripping with sweat profusely without the a/c system being cranked up, despite the fact that she asked the waitress if she could turn up the gas furnace, even though the a/c system was being utilized to keep the pizzeria from being boiling. The waitress said she would see what she could do after giving my mother a surprised look. My mother didn’t make a giant deal of it, but I was surprised when she said she was feeling kind of boiling towards the end of the night. All of us decided to get back home plus she said I could turn on the a/c system. It was absolutely the first time in a long time that I saw my mother entirely enjoying the a/c system. She said something about her menopause has been giving her sizzling plus chilly flashes, but most of the time she is too chilly because of her poor blood circulation. She is taking all kinds of meds plus I really worry about her.

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