Had to call for help

When I created a business of my own, I knew the risks of possibly shutting down within a few months, since most new corporations don’t last, but, I couldn’t help but to think that that just wouldn’t happen to me, I know better than that.

I think I was ignorant, because by the second year I was beginning to struggle.

My small Heating and A/C supplier is made up of me and 4 Heating and A/C workers. Or at least, it used to be 4, I had to fire 2 because I just wasn’t making enough cash. I wasn’t sure why my supplier just wasn’t doing so well. I was advertising, I had paid a guy to go and sit outside the supplier to spin a sign, but that didn’t seem to be entirely doing anything. I also put in ads in magazines and newspapers, and that attracted a few customers. I was getting quite frustrated and ready to call it quits, even though I also didn’t want to fail. Now as a final attempt, I contacted an online marketing supplier for help. When I explained my situation to the lady, she told me that a lot of my advertising attempts aren’t going to work, because I was thinking old timey. She told me, today, all of the women and young people are online getting their products and services, if you want to succeed you have to move online as well. I wasn’t entirely fond of the internet, even though I was willing to see how far I might go with this marketing business. The lady told me we can start by making a typical outline of a website. She had picked out a few things I liked, and in only 15 minutes had a good looking website made for me. I was going to run a trial with the website, and if I see any changes, after that I can slowly get into other things like PPC, SEO and SEM.

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