Hail can ruin your Heating and A/C faster than anything else!

All I ever hear about is natural disasters in the region.

  • With such massive hurricanes on the coast, destructive wildfires on the other coast, and wild shifting weather patterns all across the country, the climate just isn’t what it used to be! The change has happened so quickly in our generation, it’s honestly rather spine-chilling when you think about what the future might hold.

There’s so much to worry about! I know that everyone needs some kind of shelter or panic room to hide from the weather these days, and not too long ago I felt I should have one in place at my own home. I knew that the people I was with and I had the opportunity for thunderstorms last weekend, so I was prepared to leave for work with an umbrella and a nice raincoat to keep me dry. To my surprise, I wasn’t prepared enough! See, I didn’t anticipate torrential downpour to come down from the sky, and when golf ball-sized hail came down with the rain, I was really unprepared! The hail was intense to say the least. When I came back to my home after work and found the air conditioning unit was smashed in various spots, the hail’s damage was obvious! At that point, the hunk of metal was all bent out of shape and practically unusable. The fan blades ticked against the guard as it tried to run, but cycled off after only a few moments of running. I then called out to my home insurance provider, as well as my local HVAC service provider. When I asked if there was anything they could do about our cooling system damage. The home insurance was useless, but at least the HVAC service technicians were on the way to replace my unit at a reduced cost!


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