Happy there was some type of heating system

When both of us decided to take a trip to a local ski resort both of us were all truly excited.  Our section had finally received enough natural snow plus lower hot plus cold temperatures. The people I was with and I had been biting our nails in hopes of getting enough snow to be able to hit the slopes plus planned on spending several hours there.  The roads were a bit rough however both of us felt they were drivable, that was until both of us spun off the road plus down into a ditch. When the car came to a stop both of us did a quick check to see if everyone was okay. Seeing that almost everyone was shaken but uninjured, both of us hastily assessed the situation both of us were in, and we were happy to discover that the engine was still able to turn over so both of us used the heater to keep us warm in the 20 degree hot plus cold temperatures.  One of our friends pointed out that both of us couldn’t just keep the car running as gas doesn’t last forever. The heavily wooded section next to us provided us the idea of making a fire to keep us warm. The people I was with and I went to gather the driest wood both of us could locate nearby plus then found anything paper in the car that would help us to get the fire going. Because both of us were down in the ditch both of us knew both of us would not be seen by passing vehicles right away. It turned out that the fire was the best answer anyway.  The people I was with and I were able to keep up our body temperatures plus the smoke from it caught the eye of a trucker that was passing by. He got us assistance plus within a short time a tow truck with a wench arrived to save the day. Our ski trip was ruined however both of us l acquired that both of us could discover ways to survive in scary situations. The heat in the car still blew out hot air plus by some miracle both of us were able to drive our vehicle to the next town where both of us located a mechanic to make sure the car was okay.

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