Happy to be working out at home with good HVAC

Going to the gym was never something that I was all that eager to do really.

For years, my wife had tried to get me to join her at her gym.

I went a few times and just felt uncomfortable on several levels. For starters, when I walked into the place, I started sweating. I didn’t even need to start exercising before I was in a full sweat. That came from a combination of overwhelmed HVAC equipment and feeling completely out of place. I just never liked being at that gym. But, I also don’t like disappointing my wife either. She was right for sure trying to get me off my butt in the HVAC comfort of the living room. I needed the exercise but I just didn’t like being inside that gym. The combination of hardly any HVAC cooling and being so out of shape amidst all those gym rats was just more than I could overcome. But my working out at a gym was not over. My wife continued to workout at the gym and I at least got out of the air conditioning to get some exercise with walks and hikes. Then, the pandemic changed all of that. Suddenly, renewing that gym membership didn’t seem like such a great idea. Instead, we decided to put together a home gym in the basement with used exercise equipment we found locally. It didn’t take long before we really had a cool home gym. And I really liked working out for the first time in my life. I made that even better by adding a ductless heat pump to the basement for some perfect heating and cooling.

a/c serviceman