Have to find a balance with the temperature control settings

When our girl first moved in with me, I didn’t quite know what to expect. All that honestly mattered was that the people I was with and I cared about each other and I wanted to see how things would work out if the people I was with and I made this step. Well, it became clear pretty fast that the people I was with and I had to establish some sort of ground rules. The largest issue I had was that she was constantly increasing the temperature control settings. When she was cranking the cooling system a lot, I asked what she was doing, and she said it was too hot. I had to explain that she needed to use the ceiling fans and save money on the temperature control settings by not cranking the HVAC plan so much. She just laughed and said she would help spend money the energy bills. I don’t know she realized how high the bills could go by cranking the cooling system plan so much. It was an old HVAC plan and it wasn’t the most energy efficient. She was telling how she would crank the cooling system in her condo all the time. Well, her condo wasn’t exactly large like our condo and of course her energy bills would be cheaper, especially if she had a more energy efficient cooling plan in her apartment. She said something about having a ductless mini cut system, and that explained everything. Ductless mini splits are drastically energy efficient, but I can’t afford to have our HVAC plan updated just yet. I tried to get our girl to take it easy with the cooling system, although she didn’t listen. When she saw the first energy bill after living with myself and others for a month, she was in shock. She asked if our electric bills were always that high and I told her not until she moved in.

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