Have you ever wondered why grocery stores are so cold?

On days when it is 90+ degrees, I prefer to spend most of my time indoors or perhaps at the beach if it is the weekend. Living in a mostly tropical climate, I have gotten acclimated to the warm and humid Summers and many of us living in these areas usually plan our days based on the temperature outside. When the temperatures become scorching hot and I have to be outside, I make sure that my clothes are light and comfortable, so that my body doesn’t sweat profusely. However, on certain brutally hot days, I will grab a sweater or a light jacket because there are certain places where I know I will need one. One place in particular is the grocery store where the air conditioning is usually arctic cold. Last Sunday, it was about 90 degrees outside, and I wore my denim jacket to the grocery store because I knew it would be cold inside. Have you ever wondered why the A/C at grocery stores are always so cold? The thought occurred to me while I was shopping so I researched it. One theory was that we subconsciously buy more food when we are cold. Perhaps this could be true because I know that I eat more food during the Winter months. But I believe the reason for the freezing air conditioner is to preserve the food, especially in the produce section. Do you know that grocery stores spend about $4 per square foot annually on their energy bill? Therefore a 30,000 square foot store will spend about $120,000 per year in energy costs. That is a staggering amount of money for energy consumption, certainly there must be some alternative cost saving strategies that they could implement. I don’t know about you, but I would be ok if the grocery store didn’t feel like the north pole.
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