Having a complete heating and cooling system installed

I just don’t like winter! My house is very old and it is really difficult to keep it warm.

I have had all of the window windows replaced and caulked around them.

However, the various upgrades haven’t managed to keep the house from being chilly. During the worst winter weather, I need to huddle in my bed under heavy blankets just to stay warm. Since my budget is not unlimited, this was the only means I had to keep comfortable in the past. My ancient gas furnace simply could not manage the demands of the size of my home. Now that I have gotten a large raise at work, I’m hoping to change the situation for the better! I planned to make use of the extra money and have a modern furnace installed. I contacted my local HVAC provider and asked for an estimate on a complete heating and cooling system. The following week, an HVAC technician came to the house and completed all of the necessary calculations to figure out proper sizing. They took a lot of measurements and performed load calculations and then offered an estimate for the new system. It took a couple weeks for the system to arrive and to schedule an appointment for installation. They started the installation process early in the day and I was amazed by how quickly they got everything in place. A team of HVAC contractors installed the entire Heating and A/C unit in a single afternoon. The gas furnace upgrade has made a huge improvement to the comfort and efficiency of my home. It achieves a 98% AFUE rating and has significantly reduced the cost of my heating bills. The air conditioner provides a 26 SEER and not only cools the home but helps with humidity. Even when the weather is mild, I use the fan to keep the air in the house circulating and filtering.

Heating system