Having a nice cooling system was not a luxury I had

Growing up in a pretty small town we definitely did not have a large amount of money… I grew up actually working on our family’s farm plus I didn’t mind it at the time.

I genuinely enjoyed waking up every day plus feeding the chickens plus crows! However, as I have managed to become older I have started to resent the aged life I used to live.

The heating plus cooling equipment in our property growing up was nonexistent. All of us had a fireplace where our father would care about fires if the temperature outside was too cold, however we definitely had no type of cooling equipment in the property. Even though we didn’t live in the southern section of the country that didn’t mean it didn’t get absolutely sizzling inside the property. We honestly did not have any fans in the property plus not to mention there was no cooling system. Those kinds of things were for people that had true money plus that is something we totally lacked. I don’t blame my parents because I think they tried to supply us the best life possible, however it is sad that I had to live this way when I easily knew other people did not. I wish I was able to live a life sort of like my friends plus have enjoyable heating plus cooling equipment, however that was not the way it was.

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