Having a nice lunch with a friend

It has been so long since I last saw my friend. We used to always hang out all the time back in the day but now we don’t get to see each other very much anymore. It isn’t because we don’t enjoy spending time with each other or anything like that, it is because we no longer have all the time in the world like we used to. We could hang out all the time in the past when we were young and single, but now while we are still close friends, we have gone separate paths, we both are now married with children and are mostly too busy to have a girls night. Even our conversations are different, we used to talk about the future, and guys, and now we mostly talk about our jobs and kids.So when the opportunity to once in a blue moon go and have a nice lunch with her came up I jumped at the opportunity. We went to a nice restaurant that we have been wanting to visit for ages. We have been here before and it is our favorite place, and we always make sure we get the table right next to the commercial HVAC unit. The indoor air quality here is amazing and we love sitting right underneath the air vent so we can enjoy the nice cool air that comes out of the air vent. When we sat down we talked first about the amazing air conditioning in here, it hadn’t changed a bit and while on the topic of heating and cooling she told me she had recently purchased a nice electric fireplace from her HVAC company and showed me some photos. It was a high quality fireplace from a HVAC business that sold beautiful heat and a/c products. We had a great time.


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