Having ductless heat pump installed in shed

As a truck driver, I spend a lot of time on the road.

The work I do is sometimes stressful and tiring at times.

That is why I have built myself a man cave where I can relax when I’m not working. My cave is in a small shed on the back of my house. This spot allows me to have a private place where I can watch TV or play darts and video games. I have a place where I can unwind and not bother anyone. I think it reduces stress for me. However, in the Winter months, my local area gets super cold with temperatures below freezing. I can’t go without heat in the shed. Instead of trying to operate a small space heater to keep the area warm, I preferred to have a professional HVAC contractor permanently install a heating system. I just wanted something compact that would supply sufficient heating and cooling to keep the small shed nice and comfortable. I wasn’t looking for a big or expensive Heating and A/C system. Once I consulted with a professional HVAC contractor, I figured out that a ductless heat pump was the right choice for my needs. I arranged an appointment to have the ductless HVAC system installed. It only took a matter of hours before the heat pump was up and running. The indoor air handler is super lightweight and compact but provides plenty of heating and cooling. It can maintain the ideal temperature no matter what the weather brings. I like that I can operate it through remote access. I can start up the heating or air conditioner shortly before I head out to the shed and only run the HVAC system while I’m inside. The ductless unit is very energy efficient so it doesn’t cost me much to run it.


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