Having great neighbors can become a saving grace

Shawn’s A/C broke in the middle of the Summer and upon inspection by an HVAC technician, he was advised that the unit was too old to be fixed and it needed to be replaced. This was terrible news for Shawn as he did not have the money in his budget to cover these unexpected expenses. The next day, the weather was particularly warm, it was 95 degrees outside so the evening did not offer much relief from the heat. The night was warm and humid and Shawn’s fans were not able to provide much needed relief. If the air inside the home is warm then the fan will only circulate that warm air. Well, after one night in the heat, Shawn concluded that he could no longer bear another night and decided to ask his brother if he could stay with him. The next day before he left for his brother’s house, Shawn was in his yard and saw his neighbor Harry and decided to chat for a bit. He explained to Harry that his HVAC unit broke and could not afford to purchase a new one right away, so he was heading to his brother’s house for a week. Harry was kind enough and offered Shawn the option of staying at his house for that week. Shawn was grateful because his brother lived 40 miles away which would have made his commute to work difficult. Staying with Harry would be the ideal situation because Shawn would avoid driving the extra miles to work and he would avoid any extra expenses that he would’ve incurred from staying at his brother’s house. It’s good to have neighbors like Harry who are willing to open their doors to you when your HVAC system breaks down unexpectedly.

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