Having issues with our printer

I am lucky enough to toil truly from home! The majority of our job is handled online… As long as I have our computer plus access to the internet, I can keep up with our responsibilities, i love the ability to set our own hours, toil in our pajamas plus listen to our favorite music, my biggest complaint with our job is that I sporadically need to print many documents plus mail them out; Now plus then, I am required to fax documents as well.

I have never yet found a printer that cooperates with our requirements.

I swear I purchase a new printer every year. I’ve had super expensive models plus cheap ones. I have bought printers with all the latest features plus the most basic occasions on the market. It doesn’t seem to matter. I consistently have difficulties with our printer. The new printers are all wireless. There’s no need to fasten the computer to the component with a cord. Unluckyly, our computer plus printer rarely speak to one another plus I still end up hooking up a cord. The printers are always running out of ink. Ink cartridges are extremely expensive plus yet seem to give only enough ink to print a single page; When I install a new ink cartridge, the printer insists on a truly long plus complex process to align the cartridge. I requires myself and others to print all sorts of tests pages, however by the time I’m finished with that, I’ve wasted most of the ink plus a whole bunch of time. I get so worried with the operation of the printer that I just want to bang on it with our fist to make it work.