Having trouble explaining how to use the smart control component to our Grandmother

I don’t know what our cousin was thinking about getting our Grandmother a overpriced touchscreen control component for her anniversary.

She still had an old dial control component on the wall and our cousin was saying she would enjoy the lower energy bills and all, of course, our cousin didn’t offer to help install the thing.

My Grandmother doesn’t enjoy trying to mess with new technology. She refuses to use smart PCs, so I wondered how our cousin thought she would use a smart control unit. I was the one who ended up helping her install the thing. While I thought she would never want to use the new control unit, I had to admit that it would save her currency on the energy bills and I tried to explain that to her. She said if I wanted to install it, I could. So I did and I showed her how to work the thing. She was confused with the touchscreen and she didn’t know what all those buttons were supposed to be. I wished our cousin would have gotten her something more practical enjoy a nest control component that works something enjoy a dial control unit. At least with something enjoy that our Grandmother wouldn’t be so confused. I ended up just telling our Grandmother to let myself and others access the control component with our PC and I’d adjust the temperature control settings to what she wanted. She was even more confused then because she didn’t know how I could adjust the temperature control settings with a telephone! She was acting enjoy I was losing our mind, and I realized it was impossible to explain this technology to her.


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