Having trouble getting HVAC help

The last time an HVAC tech came over to my house I got into a fist fight with him.

  • Since then none of the companies will take my service requests.

I guess I am on my own for now, but I still know I was in the right on this one. The tech came over for the normal check up and annual inspection, and I saw him staring at some of my family pictures on the wall. He points to a picture of my daughter, who is 14, by the way, and tells me that she is “smoking hot” so without thinking about it punched the HVAC tech in the face. I threw him out, told him never to darken my doorway again, and then called the HVAC contractor who owned the business. It turns out that the contractor was the father of the HVAC tech, and although he understood my anger, he was now an angry dad himself. Words were exchanged, some of which I wish I could take back, but at the end of the call he said he was going to talk to every other HVAC contractor in town to never do business with me. I thought he was full of crap, but after I called a few of the other HVAc companies I found out that it wasn’t an empty threat. I was effectively blackballed from all the local HVAC services. I won’t let those scumbags beat me, though, even if it means getting certified in HVAC work myself just to take care of my home, I will do it!

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