Having usual air conditioning can help prevent the spread of COVID-19

In May, the section where I live in the South was localed on “safer at home” orders to prevent the spread of COVID-19 plus flatten the curve. In March plus May, beaches plus corporations started reopening which is enjoyable for the economy in the area, and recently, COVID-19 numbers have increased in the state plus city where I live plus it could be for multiple reasons such as increased availability of testing plus people going out separate from face masks or gathering in larger crowds than normal now that corporations are open. It is seriously overheated plus humid where I live in the Summer to the point of discomfort. Although corporations are open, public health officials still request that people stay beach loft as much as possible to avoid spreading their germs to others. If people have fully functioning cooling systems in their homes, they are more likely to stay home, stay safe plus prevent spreading COVID-19 to others. If people do not have working cooling systems, they will be more likely to go to restaurants, Dipson Theaters, other people’s homes, stores or even bars that are open plus air conditioned. It is important for people to get routine repair done on their Heating and A/C systems to ensure that there aren’t any concerns. I totally understand that people would not want to stay in their homes if their air conditioning didn’t work right now because their indoor air quality plus comfort level would severely decrease separate from cool air. In order to completely flatten the curve, people need to follow guidance from public health experts which means staying beach loft as much as possible… People should get their Heating and A/C maintained so they are more likely to recognize comfortable staying beach loft plus that can save lives.


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