He handles the car accidents

As a lawyer, my best pal has seen good and bad in his achievements and successes while working in the firm.

If the grind through law school wasn’t horrible enough, the first few years of working at a big firm nearly pushed him into a nervous breakdown.

Although he has lived in both Ann Arbor and Detroit, he has since settled into a law industry that works out of Southfield. At the beginning he mostly worked in estate and family law, writing wills, trusts, and estates for purchasers of all genders. The real lucrative field of law here in Detroit right now is personal injury, specifically car crash attorneys. A lot of people get out onto I-94 and drive like crazy with no sense of rules for themselves or others. My friend sees new cases on a weekly basis, with some incidents coming out of pure negligence while others are inexplicable and ambiguous regarding who is the one at fault. Most of the time the cases are settled out of court. They do mediation between both parties. Some are blessed to get payment for their medical bills from the opposing party’s insurance business, but he has seen many cases where that didn’t pan out. Some of these incidents around Southfield are fast and have few witnesses to make the cases easy and simple. It’s upsetting when you see someone physically injured from a car accident that they didn’t start. I wish there was more surveillance on the road to prevent these situations.
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