He noticed Ian has a sensor on the wall

Ian’s buddy Greg is always competing with him, and he’s not sure why he does it.

Ian dislikes the behavior.

If he purchases a new gadget, Greg will go out and purchase a similar item, often costing way more than Ian spent. Ian has known Greg for years and this is how he has always been. Even after mentioning it to Greg, he has continued just the same. Ian is at the point where he will just accept it as part of who he is. If Greg decides to change then that would be great, if he doesn’t, there’s little Ian can do. Last month, Greg was hanging out at Ian’s house. They were in the living room having some wine just chatting about work. Greg walked over to the study room because he noticed that Ian had a sensor on the wall. He asked about it and Ian explained that it was from the new smart temperature control that he just bought. Ian also added more information on how the technology worked as Greg was not familiar with it at all. He was so impressed that a few days later, Greg called Ian over to show him his new smart temperature control. The temperature control that he has in his beach house is a mid-level gadget that costs about $300. They correctly range between $150 to $500. Greg’s temperature control cost closer to $500. Ian is glad that he got the temperature control because it will save 10 to 15 percent on his energy bill if used correctly. However, he’s not sure if the costly model made sense.


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