He was an excellent HVAC tech, but I wasn’t sure if he was right for me.

Being the owner of an HVAC company comes with great responsibility.

One thing I handled was hiring new HVAC technicians.

My co-owners and I took all of our responsibility seriously, but hiring an HVAC technician was something we didn’t take lightly. For five years, we had the distinction of being an all-female HVAC company, and we hadn’t thought about changing that. When a young man came in and asked about getting a job, we all looked at each other. He brought excellent credentials and recommendations from his past employer. The only reason he was looking for a new job was because he and his wife had recently relocated and the commute to his job would be almost 100 miles a day. Linda asked if he realized this was an all-female HVAC company, and he said he knew. The only reason he came here was because of the excellent reviews he had read of our HVAC company. He said he would be proud to work in an HVAC company that had nothing but goodwill and dedication from our customers. We left him leave with our promise to call him back within 48 hours and give him our decision. Although none of us wanted to change our plan of being an all-female HVAC company, we were hesitant to let an excellent HVAC technician go. The four of us stayed late at the office that evening, discussing whether we should hire a new HVAC technician. In the end, we could not justify not hiring an excellent HVAC technician. If anybody asked about our all-female rule, we would tell them ‌it was an all-female ownership.

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