He was going to regret it if he didn’t clean things up

The other day when I was hanging out with my brother, I noticed that the air quality in his place was not up to par.

We decided to go down into his basement to see what was going on with his HVAC unit.

He said that he really didn’t like to go down there. When we actually got down there, I could easily see why he wasn’t a fan. It was incredibly humid in the basement and extremely damp. The air quality in the basement was a lot worse than the rest of the house. I was telling my brother that he would definitely have to invest in a dehumidifier to improve the air quality, because it was definitely ridiculous. When we had a look at the HVAC unit, I could tell that he hadn’t changed his air filter for a long while. It was crazy too because he actually had a box of air filters right next to the HVAC unit! They were good air filters too, but he said he just never liked to go down into the basement for anything. I suppose that the air quality was really that bad that he couldn’t take it. He couldn’t even brave going into the basement to keep his HVAC unit taken care of! Not to mention, there were a bunch of spiders and cobwebs all over the place down there. I guess that’s enough to keep him from wanting to do anything in his own basement. I was telling him that he really needed to clean everything up and improve that air quality, or he was going to regret it.

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