Heading to the club

I was at the Doctor’s office with my little brother to see what was wrong with him. He was having very bad nightmares and not behaving in school as he should be. Throwing temper tantrums and things when he doesn’t get his way and making the situation turn into it’s my way or the highway. He took off his shoe and attempted to aim at the doctor but instead he hit the thermostat and broke it. The doctor was not a happy camper! He immediately prescribed some meds and therapy for my brother. I explained that we had tried that in the past but it never really worked. It made matters worse! He played it off in public like he’s a good kid then once he gets angry, that’s it! It was as if we were dealing with a volcano. My brother began to mouth off to the doctor and explained he can do whatever he wants and can get away with it. The doctor wanted to baker act him. The doctor told my brother that he may only be 10 but as long as he had a say in his care that my brother would not get away with acting in such a manner. I apologized for my brother’s behavior and the doctor assured me that he was a doctor and such had happened to him in the past. I informed the doctor that I would take care of replacing or fixing the thermostat. The doctor also let me know that he deals with people like my brother every day. I shook the doctor’s hand and said my goodbyes reminding him that I would be back the next day to fix the Air Conditioner and Heater thermostat.

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