Heat pump gives some pros

Before moving down south, I had never heard of a heat pump.

I was unaware that a single component could give both heating and cooling.

This innovative type of temperature control is able to literally reverse operation to offer effective air conditioning during the Summer and heating during the winter. The heat pump doesn’t burn fossil fuels to create heat. There is no combustion process, which eliminates the worry over fumes, hot surfaces or byproducts such as carbon monoxide. The heat pump relies on electricity and is attractively clean, safe and environmentally friendly. It operates a lot like a refrigerator in that it finds heat in the air and move it from one venue to another. In the warmer weather, the heat pump extracts heat out of the indoor environment and conveys it outside via refrigerant and a compressor. When the weather cools off, the heat pump switches to pulling heat from the outdoor air, but even when the weather is cold, there’s still ambient heat in the air. The heat pump compresses this heat it a higher temperature and delivers it indoors. The process is severely energy efficient… Some of the benefits of a heat pump include the lower cost of operation, effective dehumidification and that it doesn’t overly dry out the air during heating mode. Plus, it’s super convenient to only have a single component to maintain. Modern heat pumps are quite compact and offer adjustable speed capacity. The method is able to vary speeds somewhere between forty and one hundred percent, and by operating most often at absolutely low capacity, it uses less energy and maintains a more even temperature.