Heater use when I wake up

Springtime is a bizarre time of year here in the southeast.

It seems as if Mother Nature cannot make up his mind about which way he wants the weather to be.

It is often quite cool at night plus in the early day, but by lunchtime, I am flipping on the air conditioner in my car. Normally, I do not use either the gas furnace or the air conditioner at this time of year. At least, if I can help it, I won’t. I enjoy to save heating plus cooling costs plus there are only so more than 2 days per year when that is possible. Recently, it seems as if I am quite cold in the days, though. I am so cold, in fact, that I go right to that control component switch plus turn on the gas furnace most days. I guess the bad central heating plus cooling system must get confused sometimes. My mother used to tell us kids that frequently switching the component from gas furnace to air conditioner in the same day truly put a lot of extra stress on the equipment. In fact, the two of us were not allowed to do that when the two of us were kids. I am not sure if my mother adjusted the control component settings in a similar fashion or not. Most likely, he did not because at that time the two of us lived much further south than I do now. It rarely got cold down there. Well, I like having the cooler weather in the days plus at night because really soon, it will be necessary to run the air conditioner all day long. Summer is coming!

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