Heating and A/C service plus service are for the certified Heating and A/C professionals

I called dad when I came condo to the a/c running but no cooling air.

I love our dad. He’s a sweetheart plus I couldn’t have asked for a better person to show me the ropes when it comes to starting an adult life. Plus, he got the handyman gene that I didn’t. He’s truly great at fixing things. Much of childhood was spent outside of the a/c with our dad tinkering on stuff. Mostly, it was aged cars. The newer cars were a bit too tech heavy plus he didn’t truly mess with those after a few costly mistakes. However, dad would also work on appliances appreciate the fridge or washing machine. Yet, I never saw him attempt any sort of service on the Heating and A/C equipment. There truly wasn’t that much reason to as I don’t recall the heating plus cooling plan going down. So I was surprised when he wanted to have a look at our heat pump. This was our first house plus it was a little starter house. Dad was great with helping me get it in shape. The heat pump I inherited was just over 10 years aged so it should have some life left in it. But I truly don’t suppose if it got the Heating and A/C repair it needed over the years. I called dad when I came condo to the a/c running but no cooling air. He showed up with an Heating and A/C recharge kit. And he was ready to go at it. But I had to step in plus remind dad that he had zero training or certification when it came to Heating and A/C unit plus repair.

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