Heating plus Air Conditioning zone control changed everything

My wife and I tend to disagree on the temperature control settings… This was a bit of a problem for a long time, however there were ways the two of us l gained how to compromise, then if the room was feeling too boiling while seeing a series together, she would rest under the blanket while I would use the stationary fan next to the bed.

This way I could cool off a little and she could remain warm, although I felt it was way too boiling, and her temperature control settings regularly seemed to change at odd times too.

Occasionally in the winter, she would act like it was way too boiling even though the two of us would have the thermostat set at about 68 degrees; Both of us ended up lowering it to 68 degrees. The following winter, it was totally different, she thought it was way too freezing and the two of us ended up having to adjust the temperature control to 68 degrees which I thought was way too boiling. I had to rest in the other room with the window cracked because it was so boiling in the house. I felt relieved being able to go outside to shovel snow, that’s how terrible it was, however eventually, I l gained about Heating plus Air Conditioning zone control and I had the local Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier help me out with that, and when the two of us got the new Heating plus Air Conditioning zone control upgrade, these temperature control setting troubles became a problem of the past. Occasionally it would be a slight issue when seeing shows together, although I could regularly use the fan for comfort. Other than that, the two of us tend to relax in odd zones with our own preferred temperature control settings.

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