Hedgehog needs air conditioning after surgery

I was upset when our hedgehog needed surgery, and the exotic vet warned myself and others that small critters do not always do well under anesthesia.

  • They’re just too delicate, but i decided to go ahead with it anyway… Either the hedgehog would have to have the surgery or she would have to be euthanized.

They’re just were not any other options. I was cheerful when she pulled through the anesthesia however I didn’t get to take her apartment for more than two more afternoons. Then, as soon as she got apartment she started acting kind of strange. The normally reclusive hedgehog was sitting out flat in her cage as though she was trying to cool herself down. I moved her cage next to the air conditioner vent and after that we turned the air conditioner up for her; Somewhere around 74°, the hedgehog finally started looking comfortable again. I had to put on a sweatshirt and I felt kind of unusual walking around the apartment in a sweatshirt in the middle of the summer. I like to keep the thermostat at around 69 degrees and that temperature is usually just superb for myself and others and the hedgehog. That temperature is also nice for our electric bill, but however, I didn’t mind turning the air conditioner down for a few afternoons so that the hedgehog could think better. She did get better too. It took almost a month however now she is completely back to being her normal hedgehog self… You wouldn’t think anything happened at all unless you looked for the scars… My thermostat is back to normal as well; 69 degrees and comfortable.


Air conditioning professional