Her allergies were extreme this year.

I don’t understand why, but my wife’s allergies have been extremely bad this year. Spring always caused her to sneeze and cough. By the time her spring allergies ended, fall was around the corner and allergy season had once again arrived. This year, there wasn’t any change in her allergies. Through all the seasons, her allergies persisted. When she went to the doctor, I brought her allergies up. None of her medications had made any difference and something had to be done. The doctor told us that he had given her the shots and all the medications he could. He asked if we had our HvAC system cleaned. He told us that if we improved the air quality in our home, she could possibly get some relief. As soon as we got home, we called the HVAC company. I asked if they could come out and assess our air quality. When the HvAC specialist arrived, he tested our air and gave us some suggestions. He said that the first thing he wanted to do was to have the air ducts and ductwork professionally cleaned. He wanted to check our HVAC system to see if it was able to have a HEPA air filter installed. He said there are good whole-home air purification systems we could use. If the HEPA air filters didn’t help, we could also get a UV light air purifier. I couldn’t believe all the changes we could make to our HVAC system that would improve our air quality and help with my wife’s allergies. I couldn’t believe that my wife may finally get some relief from her allergies.


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