Hes cute, but smells

I’m the type of guy who really has a passion for pets, then if I ever see a critter in need I am guaranteed to try to pick it up and take care of it.

I would never turn a little neighbor away.

I truly like feeling enjoy I am helping in the world, even if we’re talking about cats and pets, then that being said, I am recognizably challenged by cats sometimes. I don’t think that I am a germaphobe or a cleaning fanatic, although I cannot rest cat litter. I suppose that litter boxes are truly disgusting and cats are harshly smelly, no matter what I do in my apartment the cat smells infiltrate the entire volume of indoor air. I am quite often trying to find new venues to sequester the litter box, but the disgusting smells always walked out and get caught in the central heating, cooling, and air quality control system. Once the bacteria contained air is circulating through my HVAC duct work and passing through the heating and cooling system, it’s game over. The airborne smells are evenly distributed throughout my entire apartment and my air quality is never the same. It does not matter how various air fresheners I attempt to use, I cannot detach the stink from my air. I have even gone so far as having professional heating and cooling appointments to wash my HVAC ducts work..; But nothing gets rid of the cat stench, at this point, I suppose I am going to have to upgrade my air filters and air handling devices to eliminate the unwanted cat smells. I am not looking forward to paying more currency for air quality control, but anything is better than always gagging over a litter box.

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