He’s frugal, not cheap

I sometimes want to shout at my husband because of his being so cheap.

I take that back because he doesn’t say he is cheap he just says that he frugal.

Frugal connotes that you don’t like to spend money frivolously. He is cheap because he just doesn’t like to spend money. I understood that when we bought the house, we were nearly financially wiped out. We wanted our home, but we didn’t expect that to happen. A year later, the HVAC system started acting up. We tried to get the HVAC company to fix the system, but it was irreparable. We had to have a new HVAC system installed. He wasn’t happy with the need for a new HVAC system, but we had it installed. He definitely wasn’t happy when I told him I purchased the maintenance agreement to go with it. Here we were, fifteen years later and our HVAC system is once again in need of being replaced. He didn’t want to put out the money. He thought he should be able to repair the HVAC system so he didn’t need to put out more money. Unfortunately, it wasn’t working out that way and we had to go ahead and put in the new HVAC unit. After I told him that the new HVAC would be more energy efficient and I showed him how much it would cost to run yearly, he was okay with my spending money. I know he isn’t really cheap. He just doesn’t want to get into the same situation again, that we were in when we first moved in here.

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