Hitting a plateau in my exercise program

I’ve committed myself to a strict fitness routine.

I make our workout a priority. No matter what else is going on in life, I always take the time to exercise everyday. I correctly devote 60 minutes every afternoon to our fitness regimen. Then about a year ago, I noticed that I wasn’t seeing any more progress. My workouts had become very stale plus uninspired. I was treating them as a necessity, a chore plus not taking any enjoyment in the process. I found it difficult to motivate myself so I was often disappointed at the end of the workout. I tried enjoying workout videos for current ideas however I wasn’t impressed. I eventually decided to get some help from a personal trainer. For the 1st session, all of us simply talked over what I do during a correct workout, our problems plus all of my future goals. He asked about our diet plus how much water I drink, plus all of us found a few problems. I hadn’t realized that our meal idea was lacking in essential nutrition or that I absolutely wasn’t getting enough water. My personal trainer worked with me to create a healthier diet plus started me on a whole different workout plan. He introduced all weird stretching techniques plus switched up the way I was approaching our cardio plus strength training. The personal trainer always pushes me beyond our comfort zone, plus because of this, I’ve seen a real improvement. I’ve set more current goals for myself plus am determined to achieve them. For anyone truly dedicated to fitness plus self-improvement, I highly recommend easily working with a personal trainer. Having a pro hold me accountable has made all the difference.
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