Hope it doesn't rain

When I moved from a rural community to a much larger city, I had to sacrifice a lot! For starters, I had to sell our car.

  • This helped myself and others financially, but of course, I no longer had a car to get myself and others to far away sites anymore.

I also had to pass up our spacious apartment for a much smaller one thanks to finances. My budget went half the distance in the town due to the silly hi cost of living. With the downsize in apartment, came the shocking lack of a full sized laundry room. Now, all I have is a tiny and ineffective washing machine that sits in a random closet. Since I don’t have the extra currency to spare on a current dryer, I have to hang our clothes to dry every time. Thankfully, I have a small patio with fantastic air flow to dry our clothes each day naturally. The only negative to this, is that it’s all weather dependent these days. I can’t dry our clothes if it’s raining or too humid outside. I quickly gained this the hard way when our clothes would hang outside for multiple afternoons in the moist air. Rather than drying, they would start to smell terrible plus I’d have to scrub them all over again. I’ve tried bringing the pile of clothes inside our apartment to dry on a drying rack, however the wet clothes truly add a lot of moisture to the air. I’ve contemplated going and getting a dehumidifier, however know I’d rather save our currency for a dryer. The little dehumidifier would have to run all afternoon, causing our electric bill to quickly rise. In the meantime, I’ll hang our clothes on the patio each day to air dry until I can afford a dryer.



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