Hoping to catch the attention of the hot guy in our fitness class

I am red in the face with sweat stains and I smell bad

There is a really good looking guy in my fitness class that I am so eager to go out with. He is super hot, fit and seems to be very nice and funny. I am pretty sure that I have no chance at romance. There are a lot of things working against me. First, the fitness class begins at 6:00. By the time I get out of work and arrive at the gym, I am nearly late to the class. There’s no time to check my hair or makeup, and I am forced to take a spot in the back corner. My hot guy is always early and stands front and center. There’s no way for me to talk to him before or during the group portion of the training session. There is a partner portion but our partners are always the same. I am paired with Tina, who is a total sweetheart. No way can I split up our pair. At the end of class, we finish with individualized work. When we first signed up, the personal trainer asked about our goals for the class. My goal was to tone my arms and shoulders. Because of this, I am segregated into the weightlfighitn area of the gym for the last fifteen minutes. My hot guy picked something cardio related and heads off to the opposite side of the gym. He usually runs on a treadmill. I could probably talk to him after class, but I look really horrible. I am red in the face with sweat stains and I smell bad. I literally have sweat dripping down my face at the end of class and I leave a puddle where I stand to lift weights. I can’t flirt with a guy when I look like that. I want to have some hope he will enjoy talking to me and maybe ask for a date.

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