Hoping to get into corporate housing rentals

The guy who ran this lake house complex before me did a single heck of a task with it, i mean that sarcastically, of course, because he al;most ran this arena into the ground. I was curious as to why it was so easy to land this position, as well as it’s because the arena is on its last legs. It looks dumpy around here, because he didn’t maintain it properly, as well as at this point over half the units were laying empty, renovating the landscapes as well as applying modern paint was the easy part, figuring out how to get modern renters was a lot harder; My sister gave me the proposal to stop trying to get leases signed as well as use the empty condos as corporate suites. I had to do research to find out what she meant, however after that I realized catering towards corporations as well as offering them furnished rentals with chances for extended stay rentals was a smart way to go! Companies are consistently sending people to our city, either to work on campus or for conventions, as well as fully furnished condos make for undoubtedly attractive corporate rentals; This brand of temporary housing appeals to the bean counters at major companies because it saves them a whole lot of money. This brand of temporary housing appeals to me because it helps me make a lot of money, so everybody wins! I am also considering further renovating a couple of the nicer condos so I can offer them as executive housing for even higher rates. If you ever come to the city, check out my corporate housing, maybe I’ll supply you a discount.

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