Hot summer weather is tough

The warm season is my favorite time of year, bar none. I skateboard to and from work nearly everyday and I’m lucky my region of the state is so temperate. Occasionally it gets a little too sizzling on those streets, however, being able to catch the breeze and cool air while I’m skating down dips and hills makes it bearable. When autumn and then winter come and it starts getting cooler, I can generally bundle up to make the chilly weather bearable. In fact, periodically it’s quite comfortable as I can just wear a sweatshirt and some jeans and be totally fine. But when a little bit of snow falls, I’m sunk.  Skateboarding my favorite pastime so winter is usually a hard season to get through. But last year, I went to a friend’s little cabin out in the mountains and tried snowboarding for the first time. Naturally, I adapted to it instantly as an experienced skateboarder and it was similar muscle memory. It was an absolute great time. But I was unquestionably not used to being outside in the chilly snow for so long, and I was not dressed well enough for the entire day in the weather. My friend noticed how chilly I was and mentioned that I didn’t need to worry about it much longer. Nearly every house in that section of the mountain area  is equipped with immaculate central heating or non traditional heating systems. I never entirely appreciated these devices quite as much since the weather from my home state never got too cold. When we got back to his house he lit a fire and also turned on the heating system as soon as we got home. Within an hour or so I was completely comfortable and loving my time there. We went out in the snow the next day and I borrowed some gear. I’ll be coming back again next year, no question!

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