House sitting for sick friend, don’t know how thermostat works

A few weeks ago a good friend of mine started exhibiting signs of the coronavirus.

She was visiting her family in another state when she started coming down with the sore throat, fever, and cough that signifies a case of covid-19.

Because she was already at home with her family, she decided to stay there and ride out the illness surrounded by loved ones. As such, I agreed to head over to her house and make sure everything was okay. The problem is, she never told me how her smart thermostat worked and I never asked about the air quality control system. When I arrived at her residence, I noticed that the HVAC system was still set on the heating setting. She had been gone for so long that the outdoor air quality had drastically shifted in her absence. Now, she definitely needed the cooling system to be engaged if a human being was going to reside in that indoor air. I tried my best to make changes to the air quality control program from the thermostat, but I found myself pressing random buttons on the air temperature control device. The HVAC system responded rather poorly, and all the air quality equipment shut down. I spent the next day trying to contact my friend, who clearly was in no condition to be on her phone. I didn’t want to call a professional HVAC technician out for such a simple thermostat question, so I decided to make do with natural ventilation. I opened all the windows and hunkered down in the unfortunately low quality indoor air. Four days later when my friend was finally feeling better, she responded to my thermostat questions. It turns out, she had installed an eco setting on the smart thermostat and locked it; the only way to change the indoor air temperature was from her thermostat cell phone app.

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